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Zero Fee Services is an independent merchant services agency specializing in setting up merchants with Zero Fee Merchant Services Accounts.

Yes, while we recommend processors that offer zero fees, we do offer traditional merchant processing.

Basically the same. They are two terms for same program.

With Zero Fee Services, there is never a setup fee, monthly fee, or cancellation fee. Our goal is full customer satisfaction, and don’t feel you should be penalized by fees if you choose to leave.

Use our contact form by clicking here, or you can call us directly at 1.915.288.3200 during business hours and we can help get you started very quickly.

We have a Free Terminal Program whereby we offer full rebate in cost of terminal in as little as six months. So your net cost is zero for the terminal.

The terminal comes programmed and ready to accept payments. It also comes with instructions on how to use the terminal. You may call our customer support line, if you need help or want to run a test transaction.

Next day funding is available if the terminal is batched out by 11PM EST.

No transaction fees will ever be incurred by the merchant.

Terminal reprogramming is not currently available. Our cash discount program requires the use of our terminal.

The terminal comes with a one-year manufacturers warranty.

Yes, a minimum average of $4,000 per month is needed to qualify. If your business is a seasonal business, the annual minimum volume is $100,000.

Yes, you may qualify for the zero-fee cash discount program as long as you qualify for monthly minimum of $4,000 in credit card processing volume.

We normally can process your application in 24 hours. Once approved, we will immediately ship your terminal which takes up to 4 days for you to receive.

Yes, most zero fee accounts are setup with next day funding.

All Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards can be accepted.

We encourage you to apply and normally, but not in all cases, can get your application accepted.

You may have to pay a contract cancellation fee to your current company, but the savings from zero-fee far outweigh any cancellation cost.

Absolutely! You will be given a customer support line directly with partner processing company.

We would be happy to switch you back to traditional processing free of charge as well as, lower your rates compared to your current provider. However this does not happen often. We offer this security for all merchants.